Pyramid Yantra

Vastu Pyramids are effectively used to remove negative energy blocks and can be placed effectively in the missing corners in a home or office.
Placing Vastu pyramids in all the 4 corners of your room can energize the room by providing good energy flow which helps to transform your life positively and helps creates coordination and removes personal conflicts.
Having a Vastu pyramid on your office table can help remove negativity and channelize positive energy flow thus improving the ambience and providing growth and prosperity. Vastu Pyramids energize water therefore water kept under pyramid is positively charged and helps digestion and relief from stomach problems.
Vastu Pyramids channelize positive energy flow, therefore meditating under a pyramid shape structure helps in meditation and concentration.

  • INR 1500
Pyramid Swastik

Swastik pyramid hanging for protection-New Pyramid Swastik Hanging for Protection. Swastik with Pyramid Sign is very Lucy Charm as Swastik is a Symbol Of Ganesha and Pyramids are used for Energizing According to Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra.
It is a Sign of Protection and Purity which Protects your Home, Office or Car from Evil Sight and Energize your Place.It is Very Useful in car.It Attracts the Positive Inflow of Energy.It is An Excellent Gift Item Item too.Swastik is drawn on the gates to prevent houses from evil eyes.
The ashtadhatu Swastik which you can paste or hang on your doors or outer walls of your houses to prevent your home from evil eyes and bring positive energy in the home.

  • INR 690
Fortune Seat Pyramid

Fortune seat is perfect for accomplishing an advanced level of concentration while studying. It increases the effectiveness of learning and recognizing. Students, who confront problems while studying; who lack concentration level and memorizing problems, should use study seat for much better outcomes. Study seat could be kept on chair while studying.

Must for all students. It works extremely well while studying.
Facilitates in delivering better mind concentration and memory level.
Maximizes the mind body coordination for remarkable outcomes.

  • INR 1500
Crystal Vastu Pyramid

Crystal Pyramid is regarded as to best form of a pyramid and utilized to suppress bad and destructive energy. Crystal Pyramids can be used as Vastu treatment tool. It neutralizes negative energies. It also enhances constructive energy.
Crystal Pyramid develops positive energy where it is kept. If you are incapable of concentrate in your studies, you must place it close to your study table.

  • INR 250
Brass Vastu Tortoise Pyramid

Brass Tortoise operates as an aid to Vastu correction because it has enormous power to balance as well as harmonize the environment around us. Brass Tortoise works well for eliminating negative energy around us.
Brass tortoise removes the negative energy.
It provides stability for your money.
Brass Tortoise provides the beholder protection during sleep, repressing all negative energy and nightmares.

  • INR 550
Vastu Dosha Nivaran Cupper Pyramid

Shri Vastu dosh nivaran pyramid is meant to pacify malignant effects or dosh of house that may arise due to various reasons including Vastu defects- wrong location of house etc. This yantra help in rectifying all complications surge due to ill-effects and render positive surroundings. A house can benefit in every way with this scared Vastu yantra which has to be placed at holy and clean like pooja room or is buried under the earth during foundation.

  • INR 450
Vastu Energy Pyramid

Vastu Pyramids are used very effectively in Vastu they are the source, which helps to energize and work as a channel for positive cosmic energy. They help in enhancing energy flow, particularly in dull homes that lack proper energy. People can enhance their quality of life and energize their house with pyramids.

  • INR 650
Ashtdhatu Vastu Pyramid

Planetary issues, stress, worries, health problems and insomnia For fortune & wellness

  • INR 600
Reiki Smart Fire Pyramid

Reiki Smart Fire Neutralize negative vibes and create positive space for better healing SMART FIRE Energize your Healing Space! Smart Fire Unlease the power of 'Fire' the most essential force required for the universal expansion and growth! Fire has been an important part of many cultures and religiions, from pre- history to modern day, and was vital to the development of civilization. Fire is considered a messenger. Fire in many ancient cultures symbolizes purification through burning of negativity and obstacles. It is also capable of the renewal of life through the warmth and comfort of those very same flames. Fire represents the creativity and passion that all intellectual and emotional beings have. It is an active force that has the passion to create, animate and bring into manifestation all ideas and imaginations.
Smart Fire instrument can create a strong and dynamic motivating force in the atmosphere.
Pyra Fire purifies the atmosphere and harmonizes the space. Pyra Fire will work as per your program & wish.

  • INR 3390
Multier Plus Pyramid

Multier plus, an excellent mixture of powerful Multier original and special Booster plate, doubles the power of Vaastu Multier plus. It offers more superior benefits than Multier original. Booster plate has built-in Vastu Yantra and a gold power device in the center. It works as an energy booster. Anybody who is in search of pyramid for energy, Pyra Vastu Multier Plus is most suitable for them. It can be utilized in home, Office and factory.

  • INR 1485
Max Booster Plate Pyramid

You are looking Vastu Shashtra for home then Max Booster Plate is perfect for you. It is must for home, office and factory. It is an outstanding attachment for Max & Super - Max. Fix towards the bottom to get rapid results and increase the power of Max & Super - Max.

  • INR 990
Pyra Strip Pyramid

Pyra Strip gives you easy solutions to parting of rooms, basement and toilet doors. It can cut unwanted energy parts and low-high energy disturbance.
Fix 3 Pyra Strip on the ceiling or on the door and it starts working as a virtual partition.

  • INR 375
Faatron Pyramid

It increases energy levels and helps you to accomplish best and maximum result. It offers you top-quality suggestions that lead the way to achieving success.
It is boon intended for all those who are in the business, marketing, running commercial industry or shops. It is for all those place where there is lack of energy, it provides you extensive amount of energy.

  • INR 436
Pyra-Compass Pyramid

Pyra Comapss is used to find the right direction.
Pyra Comas is used to check vastu defects in premises.
Pyra Compass achieves good health and become financially stable.
Pyra Compass ensures prosperity in life and family.

  • INR 390
Max Pyramid

Used for vastu correction of lands, buildings, home and offices. Just keep the pyramid inside the room in a clean and neat place.
Used frequently in big projects like factory, farms and hospitals.
To increase the bio energy of a place or room.
General improvement and stability of a person or place.
Problems of construction are called vastu problems. This can be rectified by using pyramids that nullify the energy malfunctions.

  • INR 850
Promax Pyramid

This is Most successful pyramids to bring financial benefits & harmony in relations. Promax pyramid is the ultimate vastu correction tool for property activation, building activation, or any serious projects that require energy activation.

  • INR 8100
Energy Plate Pyramid

Place this one bellow your bed at center for better health and energy For good sleep place it bellow your pillow.

  • INR 435
Harmony Pyramid

For inter-personal & environmental harmony! Harmony 9x9 is a unique device, which helps to initiate harmony and to improve or develop interpersonal relationship between two persons or two organs. Also a special inbuilt cosmic circuit is provided at the bottom to enhance results.

  • INR 900
Pyra Band

This Flexible PyraStrip is very useful for protecting against any negative effects coming from attached toilets in bedrooms, clash of fire and water elements in kitchen, a cut corner in house, or for a toilet or kitchen in the Pyra-center. lt helps in making partitions, closing doors, protection ot sides, floor or ceiling of any negativity and also in making private spaces.

  • INR 450
Pyronv Grey Children

Represents creativity, joy, children - and its symbol is a lake; it is associated with autumn. Supports child health, education and creativity.

  • INR 525
Protect outside Pyramid

For protection & bringing good luck. lt is a must on every door. Protect 9x9 Outside consists of a gold plate in center which helps in protecting your house from Sha Chi like too many shining obiects, sharp pointing corners or incomplete construction of building next door, or a heavy transformer outside the house.

  • INR 450
Protect Inside Pyramid

Protects from evil energy, Sha Chi of any sharp corner of obieots, doors, staircases or over-head beams. Also, protects from 'Poison arrow' & enhances good luck lo bring fortune.

  • INR 400

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